1.       An Australian, famous for championing freedom of information, seeks asylum in the embassy of a country famous for persecuting people championing freedom of information.  Is he:-

a)      Sacha Baron Cohen in his latest hilarious movie?

b)      A horrible little hypocrite responsible for putting into danger many lives around the world by refusing to redact their names from billions of secret documents?

c)      A madman seeking lunatic asylum?

ANSWER:  b) and c)

2.     Julian Assange chose the Ecuador embassy because:-

a)     They have a never-ending supply of Ferrero Rocher?

b)     The staff are especially good at haircuts that make asylum seekers look like TinTin?  (Ambassador, you are spoiling him)

c)     He’s a madman seeking lunatic asylum?

ANSWER:  b) and c)

3)     Julian wants to speak to the world without being arrested.  Does he appear:-

a)     On the street?

b)     At the Ecuador?

c)     At the Ecuawindow?


4.    George Galloway is:-

a)     A mad MP who appears more on TV than he does in the Houses of Parliament

b)     A cat

c)     A bloody funny person to have started a party called ‘Respect’

ANSWER:  All three

5.     When George Galloway says “not everybody needs to be asked before insertion”, is he talking about:-

a)     Placing an ad in his local newspaper for kitty treats?

b)     Putting a large foot into a bigger mouth?

ANSWER:  None of the above

6.     If a US Senate hopeful called, say, ‘Todd Akin’ talks about “legitimate rape”, and rape rarely leading to pregnancy, is he:-

a)    Totally unbelievable in the 21st Century?

b)    The long lost brother of Julian Assange and George Galloway?

c)     A Republican?

ANSWER:  Who gives a toss, just don’t vote for the wanker.

7.     Are all the men above bonkers?

a)     Yes


(And at least two Swedish women, every other woman on the planet and billions of men agree with you.  Well done!)

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