5.00pm    Come Dine With Me

Samantha and Dave cook up a storm with a special meal dedicated to their favourite millionaires.  Menu includes Stuffed Vegetables, Toadies in the Hole, Donor Kebabs, and Eton Mess.

6.00pm    Embarrassing Bodies

Episode 666: Parliament  A team of experts answers questions about assorted distressing conditions caused by House of Commons parasites, including the current epidemic of incursio secretum affecting people trying to safeguard their private snatches from an intrusion of toxic MPs. WARNING: Contains upsetting images of Members faces.

7.00pm    Upstairs Downstairs

Episode 2012  The Rt Honorable Gideon screws the lower classes, whilst Second Lieutenant (Failed) Maude makes a tactical error by ordering hundreds of thousands of conscripts to waste days hanging around petrol stations, causing terminal loss of loyalty.

8.00pm    60 Minute Makeover

Can Nick Clegg shake off his cheap Liberal Democrat veneer to wallpaper over the cracks and paint himself blue in just one hour?

8.05pm    Cash In The Attic

The Chancellor of the Exchequer invites us to one of his castles to explain why he isn’t rich enough to pay the top rate of tax.

10.00pm   Escape to the Country

David and Rebekah enjoy a nag whilst riding in Oxfordshire.

11.00pm   Total Wipeout

In depth analysis of the Government’s chances at the next General Election.  (Filmed on location in Argentina).

Midnight   Airline

Live coverage of thousands of people queuing up at various airports in order to leave the country. (Repeat)


  1. #1 by Eruptionista on April 30, 2012 - 12:27 pm

    I think you made up that 60 Minute Makeover one, Diane – Nick Clegg couldn’t possibly paint himself blue in one hour . . .

    • #2 by diane messias on April 30, 2012 - 3:11 pm

      Made it up, Eruptionista?! The very thought! Should you note the timings of the programmes, however, Mr Clegg appears to have achieved complete blue emulsion immersion in a mere five minutes…

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