It’s summer at last in the UK and time for those new TV schedules!  So put away your wellies, deflate the rubber dinghy, hang up your oars and settle down to enjoy some old favourites with a contemporary make-over.

Britain’s Got Dogs

Watch in wonder at how a little mutt with coarse hair, who loves showing off, struts his stuff on live talent show TV and earns half a million quid in a couple of minutes.  But that’s enough about Simon Cowell, Pudsey the dog’s quite clever, too.

One Man And His Budget Dog 

Cameron unwisely lets his pure breed dog off the leash for it all to end in predictable disaster. Laugh at the resulting mayhem with the pooch’s failure to grasp the true nature of dear deer, collapse along with the rest of the country as Cameron realizes the damage far too late, and join in with the frantic cry: ‘Osborne, Osborne…Jesus Christ, Osborne!!!

Going to the Dogs

A history of the British Isles since Thursday May 6th, 2010.


Comedy series about working-class Brits on holiday in Spain, where ‘hot dog’ is not only a snack but also an aspiration, taking 3 cans of body glitter, half a thong and 12-inch high stilettos to achieve.

Celebrity Come Dog With Me

George Michael recalls his arresting performances in selected LA public bathrooms.   NB:  Suitable for viewing behind the watershed, third cubicle on the left.

The Hoarder Next Door

Spot digs up a few of his favourite old variety acts from next door’s garden.

Composer of the Week


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